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40 Pots Growing Pack
 In stock

This handy growing pack comes with 40 durable plastic pots and a plastic tray,...

Model: GH98776
Cantilever Shanghai Parasol, Lime
 In stock

Keep cool in the summer sun with a cantilever parasol. The 300cm canopy can be...

Model: AS34545
Contemporary Swing Bench
 In stock

Get in the swing of summer. This lovely swing bench has been designed for two to sit...

Model: BV56757
Rowlinson Small Log Store
 In stock

The Rowlinson small log store is perfect for making sure your logs and sticks stays...

Model: MN65676
Rowlinsons Beehive Composter
 In stock

Every keen gardener appreciates the many benefits gained from makingtheir own...

Model: MK647364
Rowlinsons Hideaway Playhouse
 In stock

The Hideaway playhouse is a perfect place for kids to unleash there imaginations and...

Model: SF45347
Rowlinsons Patio Storette
 In stock

The Rowlinson patio storette is a contemporary storage solution for storing away...

Model: DF45643
Rowlinsons Small Chicken Coop
 In stock

The slide out floor of this Rowlinson Chicken Coop makes cleaning it easy via the...

Model: HY65765
Stanbury 2 Seater Bench
 In stock

Crafted from solid acacia wood, the Stanbury Bench has been designed with comfort in...

Model: FG4656